Yesterday, the iPhone spoke and Nashville listened.  100% chance of snow.  In this city, it is a tradition to over-prepare for weather events.   Natives rushed to the groceries with a healthy sense of panic to stock up on the usual staples – milk, hot chocolate, peanut butter, bread, cookie dough, and “Ice Melt”.  Now we can turn our attention to 20 of the best ways to spend a mid-week weather disruption!

Here are a few ideas:

1)  Binge watch a Netflix series (i.e. Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, etc.), or an old favorite movie like “Singin’ in the Rain!”

2)  Tackle that kitchen junk drawer.  Go on, get a garbage sack and start pitching.  It will probably take 15 minutes.  Who knows? You might move on to the front hall closet and find that missing glove!

3)  Open the bottle of wine you’ve been saving.  After all, you do have to stay warm!

4)  Exercise. This is a great chance to use the thigh master you’ve neglected.

5)  Try a new recipe.  Challenge yourself to use those orphan ingredients that keep staring at you in the pantry.

6)  Polish some silver.  Instant gratification!

7)  Take a look at your taxes.  Not a long look.  But there might be a few loose ends you can tie up that will pay off big come April!

8)  Call an old friend. Or two.

9)  Clean out the fridge! You may even get a few good ideas for lunch.

10)  Snow paint. Put some water and food coloring in squirt bottles and go to town.  Instagram/Facebook the results.

11)  Play with your dog. Dogs love snow.

12)  Write a love letter.  On paper.  Your someone special will be thrilled.

13)  Unsubscribe to superfluous emails.  Not this one!

14)  Draw a hot bath.  Add bubbles.

15)  Plan your next vacation or trip. Bet it’s to somewhere warm!

16)  Take inventory of your closets. Anything you haven’t worn in a year put aside for charity.  Especially winter stuff, not everyone is so fortunate on snowy days.

17)  Rearrange your furniture.

18)  Soak your feet. Epsom salt is a wonder product.  Your feet will thank you!

19)  Make a new music play list.  Consider classical guitar.

20)  Catch snow flakes on black paper. No two are alike!