Wills Handyman PLUS

Imagine always being first in line for a professional handyman with a company familiar with your home. Need a plumber? You got it. An electrician? On the way. Better yet, with our Wills Handyman PLUS plan, your home will receive regular inspections ensuring overall better home health.
  • Is your family too busy to worry about home maintenance?
  • Are you tired of waiting weeks or longer to schedule a trusted handyman?
  • Do you want a home partner who truly knows your home and keeps track of it’s maintenance?
  • Are you wishing to age-in-place – in a home you’ve always loved – but can’t keep up with any longer?

Wills Handyman PLUS provides the peace of mind you want for yourself and for your loved ones, all for one annual fee.

Call us today and let’s discuss how affordable Wills Handyman PLUS is and sleep better knowing we’ve got your home covered, no matter the situation.

We are the solution to worry-free maintenance of your home.

Call us and we’ll do the rest!

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