Spring has finally sprung!  Now is the perfect time to get your home ready for the season ahead.  We have spring cleaning, entertaining ideas and maintenance tips here but hope you will take a moment to think about what you really want to see when you open the door.  A better-configured kitchen, family room or back yard?  A light-filled sunroom? Gleaming countertops and cabinets?   Why not re-think your space?

Tip #1  It’s only when your windows are clean and the spring sun shines in that you realize how dirty they were. Clean them inside and out with a mixture of one cup rubbing alcohol, one gallon of water and a tablespoon of vinegar or call a professional to make them sparkle.

Tip #2  Is this finally the year to add a light-filled sunroom or screen porch to your home so your family can enjoy the beauty of Nashville’s spring and summer?  You might be surprised how easy this can be done by reconfiguring your existing space, updating windows, adding skylight or other solutions.

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Tip #3   Did you change all the batteries in your smoke detectors when the clocks changed?  Make a mental note to do it again when time changes in the fall.

Tip #4  Spring clean your curtains, upholstered furniture and area rugs with a complete vacuuming or professional cleaning.  The Wills Company has a trusted list of professionals we recommend. Give us a call (615) 352-1228.

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Tip #5  Don’t wait for the first heat wave to find out your air-conditioner needs maintenance.  Make an appointment now with a Wills Company Handyman (voted Nashville’s Best by Nashville Scene) for a full air system check up.  Tip: Stock up on your filters. Take a photo with your phone so you remember their size and put a reminder on your calendar to change every month.

Tip #6  Let’s get grilling! If your gas grill has remained idle over the winter months, check burner jets for clogs and be sure that gas hoses are sound and secure. Tired of dealing with propane tanks?  Have a dedicated gas line installed.  How about creating a complete “outdoor kitchen” for your family to enjoy this summer?

Photo credit: Page Duke Landscape Architects

Tip #7  Pressure wash your decks, driveways, outdoor furniture and other outside surfaces so they sparkle. You can rent one at Home Depot or Lowe’s, be sure to follow all safety instructions and wear proper footwear (no flip flops!) and safety goggles.

Tip #8 Get your beautiful silver out of the closet and enjoy it this spring!  This StyleBlueprint blog has tips for cleaning and using your family heirlooms and collectibles in lots of creative ways.

Photo credit:StyleBlueprint

Tip #9  Have your chimney and flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about it next winter!   The Wills Company has a trusted list of professionals we recommend. Give us a call (615) 352-1228

Tip #10  Hate the sound of leaf blowers going every day in your neighborhood?  Idea: What if you and your neighbors coordinate your lawn-care days so it’s all done on one or two days and you can enjoy peace and quiet the other days?

Tip #11  According to the Home Safety Council, 15,000 dryer fires start in laundry rooms in the U.S. each year, causing 15 deaths and $100 million in property damage.  Even if you clean your clothes dryer’s lint trap before every use, the vent accumulates lint over time, like plaque in your arteries. Installing a metal, non-flexible dryer vent is imperative and having you entire dryer line cleaned out professionally.  Watch this Today Show video about this danger.

Tip #12  Change the direction of your ceiling fans. Remember: the standard counterclockwise direction provides a pleasant breeze during warm months. Run the fan clockwise in cold weather. Most fans have a switch on the base to adjust the rotation.  Ingenious Tip from Real Simple Magazine: Dust a ceiling fan using a pillowcase to catch all the debris.

Photo credit: Real Simple Magazine

Tip #13  Spring cleaning of gutters can be even more important than fall – decomposed leaves, twigs, pollen, petals and seeds (think maple tree “helicopters”) Add extensions to downspouts to carry water at least 3 to 4 feet away from your home’s foundation. The Wills Company Handymen  recommend you clean your gutter 5 or 6 times a year for the optimal lifespan of your roof and foundation.

Tip #14  Spring in Nashville means thunderstorms! Inspect your roof for dark spots, moss, stains and missing shingles or roofing tiles. An easy (and safe!) way to inspect the roof without risking life and limb is to use a pair of binoculars.  You can attempt to repair yourself but we recommend you call a professional.

Tip #15  Paint something- anything! There’s nothing easier or more rewarding than applying a fresh coat of paint to a room. Would any room in your house benefit from a totally new hue or just a touchup?  How about the trim outside, shutters or even just your front door?

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Tip #16  Dampness in a basement suggests higher-than-normal relative humidity, inadequate ventilation which can lead to mold and the need for a dehumidifier and more. Inspect and test your sump pump in anticipation of heavy spring rains. Read The Wills Company blog  “Leaky Basement Woes,” for all our reasons to take basement issues seriously and how easy they can be to correct.  

Tip #17  Nashville’s top realtors agree, re-painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, updating the pulls and handles and replacing your countertops is one of the best “bang for your buck” investments you can make in your home and will see one of the greatest returns if you want to ad re-sale value to your home.

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Tip #18  Besides keeping you warmer and cooler, new windows can be a major selling point.  The energy-efficiency of modern windows has soared compared to the windows of 20 years ago.  According to Kiplinger’s magazine’s article,  “Remodeling Projects That Pay Back” you can expect to recoup approximately 78% of an investment in window replacement.  

Tip #19   Throw a party!  Nothing gets your house in tip-top shape like company coming.  There’s lots of great reasons to have company over this spring – Steeplechase, graduation, Mother’s Day and more!

Tip #20  Why not re-think your space this spring?  The Wills Company was recently featured on the Nashville blog, StyleBlueprint “A Ranch House Transformation.”   We completely re-designed a family’s ranch house without adding a single square foot. The results are pretty amazing.  Click to see lots of before & after photos.

Photo credit: Wiff Harmer Photography

The Wills Company is an award winner, design, remodeling and handyman firm located in Nashville, Tennessee.   We are an energetic team of professionals, responsible for all phases of your project – from design to construction.  If pictures speak a thousand words, our portfolio speaks volumes.   Give us a call to discuss your project (615) 352-1228.