The living room: we don’t call it that for nothing! When is the last time you paused to give your family’s primary gathering space the refresh it deserves? We’re not talking “major overhaul,” here; often, a space can get the update it needs with simple touch-ups that enhance the style and improve functionality. 

Here are four simple tips to bring new life to your living room, complete with helpful suggestions on local sources. 

Shop Your House

One of the best (and most affordable) ways to update your living room is simple and free: shop your house! Consider rearranging decor from other areas of the home to your living room to add renewed personality. Perhaps there’s a wall hanging from a hallway that deserves an upgrade to the living room or a planter from the back porch that might add a fresh touch behind the sofa. Revisit some pieces of china or vases you’ve had stashed in a hutch; maybe the time is right to bring those out to create a new tablescape on the living room coffee table.  Switch out picture frames, books, and candles. It’s amazing what you might find within the walls of your own home if you “shop and swap” what you’ve got.

colorful pillows from Redo Home & Design

At Home In Nashville Tip:  Can’t find anything in your own inventory to swap out to renew your living room decor? We recently wrote about 11 local shops ideal for finding home accessories to add fresh touches to your abode. Click here to discover more about these great retailers.

Less is More

Minimalism is more in vogue than ever, and it’s easy to see why. A clutter-free space with a well-curated selection of decor and furnishings can be so much more inviting. In keeping with the popularity of books such as “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the tiny house movement that demands families to pare to down to the basics, it’s wise—and possibly liberating—to clean, sort, and reduce what’s in our living rooms and homes.   This concept has become so popular that we noticed just TODAY one of our favorite book review blogs, Bacon on the Bookshelf covered it with an excellent review by Melissa Mahanes.  You can read it here.  As William Morris, a 19th century textile designer, famously said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Your living room will feel fresh and inviting – and you’ll spend less time dusting.

Follow @fashionablehostess on Instagram for inspiration!

At Home In Nashville Tip:  Do you need inspiration on how to take a more refined, uncluttered approach to your living room design? We encourage you to follow Nashville’s own @fashionablehostess on social media (Instagram) for ongoing ideas. This talented local is widely renowned for her sense of streamlined—yet luxurious—style.

Add Some Life & Go Green

And we mean literally. Some studies have shown that having live plants and fresh flowers in your home increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety, and increases levels of compassion and energy. Afraid you don’t have a green thumb? There are many low maintenance plant options to consider. Peace lilies, pothos ivies, and even  succulents can add touches of color, texture, and life to the living room. 

So many plant & floral options at Creekside Garden Center

At Home In Nashville Tip:   Creekside Garden Center is a locally-owned, trusted resource for houseplants, specimen perennials and annuals, as well as a full range of supplies. Their staff can even offer advice on what selections would be best for your living room based on available light, room conditions—and your commitment level.

Lighten Up

Lighting in a space can make a world of difference. When’s the last time you observed and addressed the lighting needs of your family’s living room? We’re not suggesting you buy all-new fixtures and lamps; instead, we’re recommending you assess what you’ve already got. Are the lampshades dingy with time? Are the bulbs or globes of your hanging fixtures dusty and unpolished? Clean the light sources in your room. Switch out bulbs to get better, brighter, or softer illumination. Reposition lamps to enhance conversation areas or reading nooks.

Nashville’s Lumen Lamps will help enlighten your living space

At Home In Nashville Tip:  Need help with your living room’s “lightbulb moment?” Visit Lumen Lamps, Nashville’s renowned experts on lighting needs for the home. Clay Isaacs and his staff are knowledgeable ways to illuminate spaces, and they have a seemingly endless array of designer shades to update the fixtures and lamps you already have.

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