While this hasn’t rivaled 1992’s ice storm, it has certainly has been a doozy!  Promise of snow (schools out!) then disappointment of sleet (boo!) then more snow on top of black ice (scary!) then frigid, single digit temps (busted pipes!). Now, another ice storm is on the way (enough already!)  And, while Tennesseans will never be able to compare ourselves to what’s been going on in Boston this year (“Stop jumping out of second story windows!” – Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh) we are entitled to a little bit of Winter Freak Out at Kroger’s on weeks like this.

If you’ve been cooped up indoors perhaps you’ve noticed some delayed maintenance issues needing a little, or a lot, of attention? Our Wills Company Handyman are at your disposal to help you weather the storm of upkeep on your home.  And maybe these days indoors have you dreaming of better functioning rooms or an updated design for your home this year? NOW is the time to get some of those ideas down on paper. Our talented design team is ready to make those dreams a reality this year.  We’ll help you think through all the possibilities for your home and make them happen.

Besides the things you WANT to do, this storm may bring on some unwanted emergencies. This home of someone very close to us at The Wills Company is a perfect case study. A flat roof is always vulnerable to ice-dams building up in the tiniest of cracks and crevices.  Water get in, turns to ice, expands, melts and TWO STORIES DOWN you have a leak in your ceiling. These, and other emergencies, are when you need The Wills Company Handymen so don’t hesitate to call in the event of any home crisis like this!

“After the Ice Storm Ice Removal Tips” infographic.

Infographic courtesy of Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

Let’s all hope we thaw out quickly from this next round. In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous Swedish “Ice Hotel” photos. There’s snow place like home! Have a safe weekend everyone!

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