One of the best gifts you can give yourself is your weekend back. I should know because I gave this to myself last year for Father’s Day.

A few years ago The Wills Company realized that our clients were calling us with the same maintenance requests year after year. At first, we would simply handle them on a case by case basis. But we were noticing that many maintenance requests came in for critical issues that really could have been preventable had they been taken care of earlier – roof damage because of overflowing gutters, HVAC problems that a monthly quick-check could have detected earlier, dry rot around windowsills, basement mold. Big, ugly, EXPENSIVE stuff. So we decided to get proactive, to partner with our clients and determine what their houses needed and how to stay ahead of the curveballs that their homes were throwing at them and stealing their weekends away. (Forgive me for the baseball metaphor. I’m a little excited about my Vanderbilt ‘Dores going to the College World Series next week. Anchor Down!) What we came up with is The Wills Company Handyman Maintenance Program that is timely, precise, professional and efficient.

Here’s how it works: The Wills Company schedules a handyman visit to my home each month for the entire year. It happens like clockwork, and I don’t have to keep track of it anymore. The visits include; spring and fall tune-ups of my HVAC system and monthly replacement of my air filters. (How many times did you change yours this year? If it is less than monthly, you are increasing operating costs and reducing the life of your equipment.) My gutters get cleaned six times per year (we have a lot of trees), which will greatly increase the life and performance of my foundation drainage system. I love not having to get up on the ladder to clean them myself. Our home’s entire roof is inspected once a year and any minor issue is addressed before it becomes too big. Every month the exterior lights are checked and the bulbs are replaced, if needed. (Did I mention I don’t have to think about it?) In addition, all of the exposed wood on the exterior of our house is thoroughly inspected annually.

Our windows are washed once a year as well and we don’t have to lift a finger. The ductwork in the crawl-space and attic is inspected and sealed every year. Our water heater is properly maintained; and, last but not least, every month my wife and I get an email alerting us of our Wills Company Handyman’s next visit.

Can you imagine if your car dealership came to your house to care for your car at all the right times? That’s what The Wills Company is doing for our client’s and for me too…..and for my family because now I get to spend weekends with THEM instead of crawling around on ladders and running to Home Depot. 

What a great Father’s Day gift!  Want your weekends back? Give us a call to schedule a Handyman Maintenance Plan evaluation (615) 352-1228.

Wendell Harmer, Co-owner & General Manager, The Wills Company

Wendell Harmer, co-owner and general manager of The Wills Company, is a native Nashvillian with over 20 years experience in the construction industry.  He attended Montgomery Bell Academy and Vanderbilt University.  Wendell and his wife, Wiff, have two boys and they love having their family weekends back!

Feel to contact Wendell at (615) 352-1228 or email him at [email protected].