When is a bathroom more than just a bathroom? When it’s YOUR bathroom, of course! The Wills Company makes a homeowner’s dream of a larger, brighter bathroom come true all within budget.

For most people, getting the bathroom right is a priority. And, as one of the most important improvements you can make in adding value to your home, it also becomes a key consideration when it comes time to sell.

Older houses, historically, have small bathrooms without much storage. When a buyer falls in love with one of these homes, it’s usually one of the first rooms they want to update.  This was the case with a recent Wills Company client who purchased a 1930’s era home in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville.  The client first met with the Wills Company lead designer and co-owner, Ridley Wills, to outline their needs and budget.  Ridley then designed a complete bathroom renovation that met the client’s wish-list, budget and “fit” into the existing home’s design that they already loved.

The homeowner had the following objectives for the bathroom:

  • To make the space feel larger
  • To create ample storage space
  • To stay within a prescribed budget

The Wills Company started by replacing a wall-mounted sink with a custom, built-in vanity with lots of drawers.  The design team ingeniously found extra space by pushing it back into the attic/eaves area. They then added a linen cabinet over the toilet for extra storage.

The bathroom needed more natural light, so they installed an opaque class panel in the window eliminating the need for the permanently closed, metal blinds.  The Wills Company also replaced the awkward shower curtain rod with a wall-to-wall, bowed one to give the shower more room.

The stay within budget, the decision was made to leave the existing tile floor, tub surround and wainscoting in place because they were all in very good condition and added to the vintage charm of the home. The room was then painted bright white to make the space feel larger. The result is a clean, fresh and light-filled space that was exactly what the residents wanted.

The particular bathroom renovation was a big hit with the client and went on to become a regional winner in the 2012 Chrysalis Awards Program in the category of Bath Remodel Under $40,000.

Trend Alert! Thinking about Dumping Your Tub?  You’re not alone.  This beautiful Wills Company tub-to-shower renovation was recently featured on HouseLogic Blog.

“Go Tub-less. Dump your tub for a dreamy shower! Changing your bathtub to a shower is trending your house in the right direction. If you’re thinking of converting your bathtub to a shower, you’re in good company. The American Institute of Architects says the the tub-less bathroom is growing in popularity”

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century by ditching the tub for a walk-in shower. If you’re considering this update, keep in mind that a shower with curbs is usually an easier and cheaper renovation project than a barrier-free installation. For the rest of the article CLICK HERE…

Do you have a wish-list for your bathroom? The Wills Company is unique because we offer a complete solution. We handle ALL aspects of your renovation process: from beautiful design to expert execution. Our talented design team understands how all of the pieces fit together. Your dreams, practical needs and budget are all considered BEFORE you begin your project. We aren’t big fans of surprises either.  Give us a call at (615) 352-1228 or email us at [email protected].