“We can fit you in 8 weeks from today.” WHAT?? Don’t want to hear those dreaded words this fall and holiday season?  July and August are the slowest months for many services. But as soon as kids go back to school then BOOM! everyone wants to get stuff done. Be smart and plan ahead right now. Pull out your calendar and pick up the phone.  (The Wills Company Handymen offers 24-hour service and we’re always here for you no matter the date. Book ahead for your own peace of mind and that great feeling of checking something off your list.)

7 THINGS TO BOOK NOW (+ 9 Bonus Ideas to get you really organized for the rest of the year)!

Christmas Lights – Yes, really. The Wills Company makes sure your house is the spiffiest on the block every season.  No tangled lights and scary ladders to deal with. Call us at (615) 352-1228 and when the time is right, our Wills Company elves will have you Martha Stewart-ready (or Clark Griswold if that’s what you want) for the holiday season.

While You’re At It: Order your holiday cards and have a family photo taken while you’re sporting a summer sun tan. No sending cards December 26th for you! 

HVAC Check Up – Do the words “Heatwave” and “Polar Vortex” motivate you? Have a whole system HVAC check up now for your air conditioner AND heating.

While You’re At It: Change all the air-conditioner filters today. 

Gutter and Window Washing – For the life of your roof, gutters should be cleaned more than once a year and not just after all the leaves are off the trees. Don’t spend another fall weekend on a scary ladder.

While You’re At It: Schedule your windows washed at the same time. Have screens washed and stored away for maximum sunlight this winter.

Paint and Wallpaper – There is nothing that gives your home a bigger bang for the buck like a fresh coat of paint. We have great, reliable, professional, clean, considerate painters for your every need.  Call or email us to schedule.

While You’re At It: Wallpaper is IN IN IN. Try one wall or a small space if you’re timid.  Read “Wallpaper a Small Space for Maximum Impact” from StyleBlueprint.com for more ideas.

Floors and Rugs – Getting your floors polished or completely redone is a smart investment for your home and one you’ll enjoy everyday. Carpet should be cleaned yearly.

While You’re At It: Send the throw rugs off to get cleaned too and order all new pads for under them.

Chimney Cleaned – This is a serious safety issue so don’t brush it off. We have a great chimney sweep service. So great, in fact, they will be booked SOLID by October so call or email us today.

While You’re At It: Order firewood from a reliable firewood provider (we have sources for you). Have it delivered and stacked away from any structures to reduce insect invasion. Stacking wood properly is an art as much as a science. Stacking tips here. 

Lawn Renovation – Look around your neighborhood today. The guy whose lawn looks the best is the guy who over-seeded, aerated and fertilized last fall. Trust us. Mid September is the right time to get this done, giving your lawn enough time to set the seeds before all the leaves fall off the trees.

While You’re At It: Order daffodil bulbs. Mid September is the best time to plant!

Bonus Ideas for a little TLC and Motivation to Get Things Done!

Doctor Appointments – You probably have the kids back to school check ups taken care of but what about yours?  The best doctors have 4-6 week waiting periods for openings so take care of yourself today and make your appointment before the end of year rush.

While You’re At It: Book the pets their vet check ups too. 

Dinner Reservations! – Nashville is THE hottest food city in the USA with great new restaurants opening every month!  Book some Date Nights now to reward yourself for all your smart planning and organization! Nashville Originals “RESTAURANT WEEK” is August 18 – 24 with special menu items and deals. See all the locally-owned restaurants participating here.