A fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

Casa Bepi, Burano, Italy. Photo by Jim Nilsen

We all have a list of reliable favorites – old friends that never disappoint us. Like these classic whites:

But every habit needs a regular shake-up, and color habits are no exception. When we’re looking for revolution, any idea might turn our heads. No matter the source.

Like the unabashed greens in this Gucci ad.

Benjamin Moore Yellow Green, Pantone 390C, Benjamin Moore Neon Green, Pantone 327C

Or Wes Anderson’s scene-stealing oranges.

Farrow & Ball Charlotte’s Locks, Benjamin Moore Orange, Benjamin Moore Sunflower, Pantone 1795C

By the way, orange can play “peaceful,” too.

Farrow & Ball Yellowcake, Farrow & Ball Pointing, Pantone 166C, Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue

Movie costumes can shock with possibility. Take Charlotte Rampling’s Edwardian gown in The Wings of the Dove, directed by Iain Softley. Purple and deep citron? Nothing safe about that.

Benjamin Moore Purple Rain, Benjamin Moore Citrus Burst, Farrow & Ball Studio Green

And for anyone who still worries about mixing reds and pinks, take courage from this Gucci dress, here worn by Dakota Johnson.

Finally, you don’t have to be bright to be bold. Consider the subtle depth of color in this Edward Steichen photograph from 1925.

Farrow & Ball Mole’s Breath, Farrow & Ball Wevet, Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin, Velspar Ebony Field

Inspired? We suggest you start small, like painting a powder room, a stair landing, or a nook you use for reading. The wall behind your bar, a mudroom, or even your laundry room all make great color laboratories. And when you’re ready to experiment, call the Wills Company Handyman for expert painting services.  Like this Nashville homeowner:

Color revolution? Yes, we do that.