It always sounds good, at first. Every year, in those quiet weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving, someone at home will propose that this time, finally, you should seriously decorate the house for the holidays.

No waiting till December 20th to nail up your one lonely wreath. Not this time.

Nashville makes it easy to get excited for holiday lights, with jaw-dropping displays at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (November 27 – January 3), the Opryland Hotel (November 20 – January 2), and Lebanon’s Festival of Lights (weekends in December at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center).

Then there are neighborhood light extravaganzas, the ones that make for fierce competition in the annual Holiday Lights Contest run by the Nashville Metro Department of Public Works. (See last year’s finalists here). And don’t forget the individuals who’ve made light displays their annual gift to the community, like Bill Minneci of Sunnyside Lights in Grassland, and Chad Hoover of Franklin Christmas.

Everyone has favorites:

But before you try this at home, take a deep breath: ladders can be deadly. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that falls from ladders cause almost half of all falling deaths each year in this country, and the fatality rate skyrockets if you fall from higher than about 10 feet.

Keep your head. Call for backup.

The Wills Company Handyman. Yes, we do that.