Finally, Fido is in the running for exceptionally delightful digs (and we’re not talking about the “where to hide the bone” variety)! As more homeowners are investing in experiential/specific-use updates for their homes, and Americans in general are increasingly embracing pets as members of the family, we’re seeing growing interest in special spaces for cherished pups.

Today’s doghouses run the gamut in terms of style, detail, and extensiveness of construction. Many pooch palaces are now constructed in keeping with the style of main houses with unprecedented attention to “creature comforts,” so to speak. Here are some considerations the best house for your beloved pet.

Comforts for Creatures

The purpose of dog houses is to provide cozy shelter for dogs, typically outside the main house. It’s imperative that dog houses be used only during clement weather conditions. No pet should be left exposed to extreme elements that could compromise its safety, comfort, and quality of life.

The best dog houses are right-sized for the pooches who will use them. Dogs typically feel safer and cozier in spaces just roomy enough to allow them to stand, turn around, and lie down in a stretched out position. It’s best to physically “test drive” dog houses to identify the best interior dimensions; you may also use the your pup’s crate size as a reference.


Today’s doghouses run the gamut in terms of style, detail, and extensiveness of construction. If you’re in the market for a pre-made dog house, you can find an ample array of plastic, metal, and wood options. The stocked designs available range from standard dog houses, e.g. – igloos and a-line roofs, to creatively designed, semi-custom dwellings.

If you’re interested in custom building your dog’s dwelling, the options are off the leash! Many homeowners are going for pooch palaces constructed in keeping with the architecture and styles of main houses. These specially design doghouses serve as backyard focal points—and conversation starters—while also giving furry family members places to call their own. Here are some photos for inspiration.

Inside, In the Dog House

Dog house construction doesn’t have to be an “outside job” only. It’s fun to give Fido a space all his own in the heart of the home. Specially constructed nooks or bed cubbies can provide peaceful sanctuaries for pets while also cutting down on clutter or obtrusions into walkways and living areas. These attractively constructed dog houses can fit right into cabinetry and a room’s overall design for a pleasant, seamless appearance.

Trust Wills for the Dog House—and for Your House

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