Ah, January. Month of plans and dreams. Even if your 2017 Resolutions Manifesto has already lost its charm – don’t worry, those “Learn Italian at Home” tapes will be there when you’re ready – it’s always a good time to enrich your life in the kitchen. And aside from a great new cookbook (like the handful we gave and received over the holidays), nothing inspires the happy cooking life like a tweaked and improved kitchen.

Considering a kitchen renovation this year? Here are three ideas to get you going. We’re big believers in a “dream-first; dream-big” foundation for any home project: you can’t know what you really want unless you’ve considered many ideas – especially the unfamiliar and extraordinary.

Already a happy home cook? Let these gorgeous kitchens spark your cooking imagination. Just think what you’d be inspired to create in spaces like these.

1. Try Color. We love the clean and classic look of an all-white farm kitchen. But color – a lot, or a little – can add an important emotional depth to this central family space.

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2.  Step away from the built-in cupboards. Especially ones that match. We appreciate the tidy, clutter-wrangling appeal of uniform closed cupboards on kitchen walls and work islands. But there’s something fresh and inviting about kitchens that mix in open shelving and old-fashioned tables, breakfronts, and presses to create a more life-collected feel. It takes a commitment to keep all your dishes and gear pared down, neat, and dusted, but if you’re ready for that, it can work beautifully. Here are a few that get it right.

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Let us know where your kitchen dreams take you. And when it’s time to make those dreams happen, the Wills Company can help. Ridley Wills and our design-build team will be ready when you are.