It’s NOT too late in this holiday cycle to ask for the kitchen of your dreams—even with shiny colorful appliances, terrazzo countertops, and all the modern undercounter gadgetry—so why not use the holidays to plan for a new kitchen in the New Year?

This kitchen got a refresh with paint and new countertops that didn’t break the budget!

The first step in designing and building your fantasy kitchen is as easy as calling The Wills Company. It’s fun—and free!—to start a conversation with lead designer Ridley Wills about what your dream kitchen could look like.

When you meet with Ridley, he’ll ask three questions:

  1. What problem do want to solve by renovating your kitchen?
  2. What do you like about your existing kitchen?
  3. What features do want in your new kitchen?

Perhaps you would like a banquette?

Your responses to these questions will guide the design/build process, and there’s no better time to mull the answers than during the holidays, when you’re using your kitchen more than at any other time of the year.

This season, when you’re prepping, baking, decorating and entertaining, pay attention to your patterns and habits in the kitchen. Where do you spend most of your time? Who’s with you?  What appliances and gadgets do you use the most?

Next identify the challenges.  Where do bottlenecks occur?  Where do you bump into things?  What bugs you…color, cabinets, countertops?  Drowning in recycling?  What about compost?  Are you storing heavy cast iron pots on a top shelf?  Lugging pots of water from sink to stove? Is there room for guests to help or are you cooking alone in the kitchen instead of collaborating with family and friends?

Now, let’s talk about what works well. What are the best parts of your kitchen that you’d like to preserve, highlight or expand?

Gorgeous marble and a custom stainless hood make this space sing!

Finally, it’s time to daydream. What’s on your wishlist? Do you want double ovens and dishwasher drawers? Or a sofa, big-screen TV, and drawers to stash your collection of takeout menus? Island or peninsula? Farm table? Banquette? Wine cooler? Coffee counter? Appliance garage? Pet station?

While you’re at it, what colors and finishes do you like?

Cozy up with a book by the fire while your soup simmers on the stove!

Start a virtual bulletin board on Houzz or Pinterest. Or pin actual magazine clippings on an actual bulletin board. You might even decide you want to install a bulletin board in your new dream kitchen. Or a chalkboard mural. Or a whiteboard. See, the creative process is working. You’re one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams. Now’s the time to take the next step: Call Ridley at The Wills Company at 615-352-1228 to get the conversation started.

Happy Holidays, from our kitchen to yours!