One thing The Wills Company is NOT is NEW to Nashville. For over 30 years we have been designing, renovating, and maintaining houses. If YOU are a recent transplant to our wonderful city, WELCOME!

You may have already notice that the housing marketing in Nashville is complex. There are houses of every age and flavor. Location is usually the primary driver for selection of a residence. Schools, walkability, size of yard, and of course tolerance for TRAFFIC will be key considerations.

Photo credit: Wiff Harmer Photography

The house you select may need tweaking, a general facelift, or a complete overhaul. No matter the size of the project, we approach your unique situation with practical, matter-of-fact, and honest advice. But being practical doesn’t mean you have to settle for blah when it comes to design. We believe everyone should have their heart skip a beat when they enter their home. Most importance you should experience a sense of pride and tranquility.

Your renovation experience shouldn’t be a stressful. Let’s face it, our industry gets a bad wrap. The groans and “nightmare” stories come from bad actors in our industry who usually aren’t in business very long. There is a low barrier to entry in construction but a high bar to sustain a business that guarantees and warranties their work. Further, there are many risks that you assume if your contractor is not properly insured.

So, the primary drivers for stress in a renovation project are cost and duration. These can be managed if expectations are set on the front end. This is why we favor fixed-cost contracts. Further, we employ our own teams to manage your project and work with subcontractors with whom we have long-standing relationships.

We are glad you have moved to Nashville. We care about this city and the house in which you will reside. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, expertise, and skills with you to make your house a home.