Bringing the outdoors in and having a reason to commune with nature is good for your well being.  According to studies, having abundant natural light in the home as well as looking out at gardens and nature is proven to elevate mood levels, give a sense of calm and even aid in healing and weight loss!

There are many ways to experience our natural surroundings.  It can begin with a rethink of your INDOOR living space. The Wills Company in Nashville, Tennessee, recently added full length windows along the entire back and two side walls of a house that resulted in a beautiful light-filled view of the family’s wooded backyard.  Maybe your house could be renewed with a screen porch, patio or skylights to let sun shine in and bring the benefits of light indoors?

You don’t need a large space and you don’t even have to like gardening to make good use of the outdoors. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, there’s no space too small for an outdoor oasis.  (Speaking of oasis, how about an outdoor shower?) “We’ve built outdoor living areas in spaces so tight you’d never think you could do anything with them.” said Ridley Wills, design director at The Wills Company.   The addition of a “splash” pool can transform a house and make every day a vacation.  Even a smaller water feature such as a koi pond or fountain with softly running water can give that sense of serenity and tranquility.

As to outdoor features, Wills stresses the importance of emotional connections. One of the most frequently requested outdoor elements is a fireplace. In temperate climates,  like Nashville, outdoor fireplaces are enjoyed almost year round and are symbolic of hospitality and a natural gathering place. Think about an outdoor dining area for entertaining friends or enjoying Sunday morning coffee and newspaper with the family. Or a swimming pool to enjoy having the neighbors or the grandchildren for a splash on a hot summer day.  All of these outdoor improvements carry the promise of togetherness and happy memories.

Whether it’s a sun room, screened porch, covered patio, pool or pond, features in your home that bring you closer to the outdoors are more than just the sum of their parts.  Are you longing to bring the outdoors IN this year?

Why not rethink your space this summer?  The Wills Company is unique because we offer a complete solution for you. We handle all aspects of the renovation process, from beautiful design to expert execution.  We understand how all the pieces fit together so you don’t have to. Give us a call at (615) 352-1228. We’d love to discuss your hopes and dreams for your home.

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