Did you know that exterior updates can provide the biggest return on investment for homeowners like you? Recent “Cost Vs. Value” reports reveal that you can get the biggest bang for your buck by focusing on exterior updates for your residence. This is helpful to know if you’re deciding how to direct your efforts and budget for any upcoming home projects.

Of course, “exterior updates” is a broad topic that could encompass items such house painting and landscaping—and so many other things in between. So, what types of exterior update projects should you target? With our perspective from the professional handyman industry, here’s our list of suggestions to help you know where to begin—and when to call the handyman for help!

– Front Doors: Whether your front door needs painting or replacing, you’ll be well served to address your door’s status during exterior updates. Did you know replacing steel entry doors may not only enhance the look of your home, but could also bring nearly 86% ROI when it comes time to sell? Of course, simply painting your front door can give your whole house a face lift, as well.

Call the handyman to manage front door replacement or painting if you have no experience dealign with such tasks. An experienced pro can handle new door transporting and installation with great efficiency; likewise, that pro will know the ins and outs of on how to paint doors to look good long term, as well.

– Siding: If your home has siding, you should inspect often to make sure it’s holding up and looking good in spite of constant exposure to weather and outdoor elements. Power washing helps to keep siding looking its best, as it removes grime, mildew, and build up. Of course, at some point, siding will need replacing, as maybe indicated by warping and staining that can’t be cleaned or repaired.

Call the handyman to get an expert inspection and diagnosis for the best method to keep siding at its best. Power washing may seem simple enough, but differ to the handyman’s experience if you are uncertain of completing the job yourself. If it’s time to replace siding, definitely call in the pro to manage the project for ease of mind.

– Details, details, details: Give your entire home’s exterior a review a few times a year, being sure to give the once-over to walkways, decks, and patio areas. Look for cracks in concrete, dents in gutters, compromises in wood trim around doors and window frames, overgrown bushes or vines. etc.

Call the handyman to eyeball the exterior once a year, in supplement to your own inspections. The trained eye of a pro may catch issues earlier on or see things you may not even notice. Often, the handyman can address issues at first stages (caulking small cracks, repairing loose trim, spot painting), sparing you more costly renovations or replacements down the road.

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