Why is our handyman service consistently ranked #1? Because our prices are fair, our work is warranted, and our team is unmatched. The Wills Company team of Handymen has decades of combined experience in home repair, maintenance and remodeling. They are all experts in diagnosing, estimating, managing and maintaining people’s homes in Nashville.

We sat down with three of our handymen, Mike Fishbeck, Alan East and Dave White, to ask what they enjoy most about their work at The Wills Company and they all mentioned the same word – FAMILY.  “I like that our Handyman clients grow to feel like members of a family,” said Mike. “After all these years working with many of them I feel very connected to our clients and their homes.”

No job is too big or too small for this team! Want a new door on your shower?  Fix a stuck window to let this great Spring air in? Change out your kitchen or bathroom countertops?  Install reading lamps over your bed?  Move a light switch? Put in a pet door? Change your smoke detectors? Clean out those gutters? Give ’em a call! 

The Wills Company 20 Tips for Your Best Spring at Home is extensive but we wanted to hear from Mike, Alan and Dave what home spring maintenance tips do they see people often forgetting about?

Take a walk around the exterior of your house and take a good look at it. Homeowners walk around indoors daily but rarely take the time to do the same at the exterior of their homes. And don’t forget to look up! Roof damage, peeling paint, crooked gutters, chimney repairs can often be easily spotted.

Paint the exterior. Homeowners tend to put it off each year, and it gets worse and worse.  If there is wood around windows or siding, it rots which is bad news. The longer it’s put off, the longer and more expensive it gets.

Did you change all the batteries in your smoke detectors when the clocks changed?

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Sunshine shows dirt! Get your windows cleaned inside and out and don’t do it yourself. It’s much faster and safer to get it done professionally. You’ll love the results!

Don’t wait for a hot day to discover that your air conditioning is not functioning properly. Test the air conditioning units and schedule a whole HVAC system maintenance call. Spring is the right time to change the filters, clean the system, and make sure everything is working to maximum efficiency. Clean filters will also prevent your air conditioner from straining.  (Stock up on them and put a reminder on your smart phone or calendar to change them often)

Once trees are fully bloomed again, have them shaped and cut if they are touching the roof in any spot. Squirrels and insects LOVE to gain easy access to a roof and attic.

Sprinklers are coming on all over Nashville this week as gardeners check them. Make sure the irrigation is working properly. They should not spray on the home and they should not cycle ON if there has been significant rain.

Get outdoor furniture lightly power-washed while you are already getting the patio or driveway done.

If you find spots on your glassware, it’s time to run an empty cycle with a package of citric acid crystals you can find at the drugstore or supermarket in the canning or spice aisle.

No matter how small or large your current to-do list is, The Wills Company team is qualified and ready to tackle it. A kitchen or bath update? Perhaps you just need to repaint a bedroom? Hang a mirror? Replace your counters? Clean the gutters? Service your HVAC?  We’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to check things off your list? Give us a shout!