The FAA predicts 1 million (1 Million!) drones will be sold this holiday season.

That’s a lot of desperate gift buyers.

We know how it is. Everyone on your list has everything they need, and more. Then the gift guides flood in, and you panic: Well, maybe your loved one would like . . .

an Italian designer skateboard? Or . . .

luxury bar bells? Or . . .

a levitating Bluetooth speaker?

At least that’s one name crossed off your list.  Right?

We have a better idea. This year, give your home-loving loved ones what they really want: help on the house projects they never get around to.

Build a raised garden box? Re-paint a powder room? Hang shelves for the cookbooks? Light plugs for reading out on the porch?

Be the hero. Call the Wills Company Handyman. 615-352-1228

Holiday giving, solved? Yes, we do that.