Have you heard the phrase “aging in place?” It’s a term referring to the ability of homeowners to remain in their houses throughout all stages of life. As the U.S. population is living longer, we’re hearing this phrase quite often in the design-build and remodeling industries—and we’re increasingly called to help clients modify their residences to accommodate the needs of their advancing years. Many homeowners would rather plan to stay in the houses they love than plan to move to a retirement or assisted living facility.

Hard though it may be to fathom, aging in place should be a consideration even if you’re relatively young—still climbing the corporate ladder and raising a growing family. Decisions you make now regarding your house can circle back around to affect your future self and family.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll take a look at ideas to help you and your loved ones age in place here on The Wills Company blog in a special series of articles. Today, we start by providing you with an Aging in Place Checklist to help you begin to assess the future-readiness of your residence.

Neighborhood & Community

  • rate of growth in your area
  • ease of navigating area by car and on foot
  • proximity to family and friends
  • proximity to conveniences, commerce, worship and community facilities

Home Exterior

  • length of driveway and turnaround area
  • configuration of entrances into home, use of stairs
  • garage or covered parking
  • safety features and exterior lighting
  • amount of green space requiring maintenance
  • required, ongoing maintenance of exterior building materials

Home Interior

  • configuration of entire household with special attention to location of master suite
  • number of steps throughout and nature of thresholds
  • cabinet heights in bathrooms and kitchen
  • accessibility of key features in baths and kitchen, e.g.- knobs, switches, shower entry
  • lighting throughout, including access to switches and plugs, lighting types, etc.
  • use of technology, including climate controls, entertainment considerations, etc.
  • configuration of closets and storage areas
  • width of hallways and doorways

The checklist is just the beginning. Come back to our blog soon to learn more about the many ways you can stay in your home-sweet-home long term.

The Wills Company specializes in providing design-build, remodeling, and handyman services that can help homeowners like you stay in current residences for years to come. When you’re ready to make your home ready for aging in place, we’re here to create a safe, accessible and comfortable home that blends universal design elements with visual appeal to make your house a home for a lifetime!