Imagine, for a moment, that you’re Amanda Gluck, influential style and entertaining entrepreneur, and founder of The Fashionable Hostess. You’re moving your young family to Nashville, and you have less than three months to put your personal design stamp – fresh, contemporary, gorgeous . . .

Photos courtesy of the Fashionable Hostess and @LindsayGracePhotos

. . . on this traditional Belle Meade house:

How did the Fashionable Hostess transform this home in a hurry? With the Wills Company on her SWAT team, that’s how.

With Amanda’s lead, Miami interior designer Charlotte Dunagan and the Wills Company revamped every room. “Amanda is a great decision maker, with a terrific sense of style,” explains Ridley Wills. “That made the difference. That’s why we could turn her vision into reality, in just a few weeks.”

Is “transform” a big enough word? We wonder:

Tough to imagine a bigger change, without moving the walls.


It didn’t happen by cutting corners. Take the kitchen countertops, for example. Amanda wanted pure white marble, with very little veining, to add light and a happy shimmer to that crucial family space. Increasingly difficult to source – and always complicated to get delivered on time – white marble is the kind of choice that can grind a complex house renovation to a logistical halt.

But not this time. Amanda located a perfect Bianca Oro stone in Miami, and the Wills Company found a truck and driver to haul it up to Nashville. The right stone, on site, on time. Truly, a special delivery.

And the drama didn’t end there. The new, white marble was significantly thinner than the old stone countertop Amanda was removing; so it didn’t fit the old cabinets, which she wanted to retain. What to do? Ridley made it work, with retrofitting carpentry and new millwork to keep it all looking beautiful. We think you’ll agree, it was well worth the effort.

It took the Wills Company’s award-winning Handyman team to make Amanda’s vision happen in less than three months. Experienced professionals Tony Brown, Director of Handyman Operations, and Brian Lewis, Project Manager, work only with Nashville’s best and most reliable specialists – the best painters, carpenters, electricians, and, yes, the best marble-wranglers: the experts most in-demand and hard to hire in this booming city. Then we plan our projects rigorously, and we commit our team and our specialists to real schedules. Your work gets done beautifully, like we promise, and when we promise.  Just ask Amanda.

At the Wills Company, we’re enormously proud of our part in Amanda’s stunning transformation of her family home. For more on her work here and on other chic projects, join us in following her at Fashionable Hostess and on Instagram, @FashionableHostess, and #TNChateauFH.