Once upon a time, you loved the in-ground pool in your backyard. It was your family’s oasis and recreation, as well as a great place to entertain. However, the tides have now changed. Perhaps the kids have grown and moved out. Maybe you want to travel more often and splash in the ocean instead. Or possibly, you now have little ones around, making safety a bigger concern. Maybe you’re over and done with fighting the pool cover, scooping leaves, and emptying baskets.

If your love for your inground pool has dried up, you need a smart solution. There’s no sense going off the deep end, dealing with upkeep and maintenance issues for what has become nothing more than a large hole, aka “a money pit,” in your backyard.

It’s time to consider filling in the pool.

This is a supremely smart solution for the long term. By having your pool professionally filled in, you’ll reclaim your yard and transform it into usable space, and importantly, you’ll rid yourself of the costs and effort associated with pool maintenance.

Case in Point: We managed what turned out to be a beautiful in-ground pool fill-in project at a home in Nashville. The client came to us, weary with the burdens of the family’s dated and unused pool. Working closing with our client, we reimagined the space that was swallowed by the pool, focusing on the homeowner’s priorities. The family wanted space to entertain, relax, and basically extend their living area to the outside.

From the professional fill-in process to the creation of a stunning hardscape with water feature, fire pit, and patio area, we helped this homeowner rediscover the joys and benefits of the home’s backyard. We maximized the space to make it truly livable—and extension of their interior living room. The house seemed to double in size as a result.

(See more photos of this project on our Houzz account.)

Does a pool fill-in seem to the smart solution you’ve been looking for? Remember these key points as you make a decision to move forward to reclaim your backyard.

– Seek professional project management. An in-ground pool is a cavernous hole in your backyard, and it must be dealt with expertly to avoid drainage and structural/stability issues that may arise long term.

– Determine your goals and priorities. Decide what you want to replace the space currently dominated by the pool. Flower beds, lawn, a patio—make sure your choice is right not just for the moment, but the future, as well.

– Invest for the best. Planning and budgeting for a pool fill-in project can bring gains going forward. Not only can you better enjoy your yard, but you may actually boost the home’s resale value as the presence of a pool can actually detract from a home’s value depending on current market preference.

The Wills Company specializes in providing design-build, remodeling, and handyman services that can help homeowners like you maximize the enjoyment of your home’s exterior and interior spaces. When you’re ready to fill in that in-ground pool and create a usable backyard oasis, we’re here to design and manage the project for best results!